Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016 – Writing Panels and ME


I’ve been invited to be on three panels. Details below. If you are at the Tampa Bay Comic Con during those times, please come by and see me!

Tampa Bay Comic Con, August 5-7, 2016

Tampa Convention Center.
333 S Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602


Saturday, 8:30am – 9:30am | Rm. 20

Do you have a great story sitting on the porch of your brain house, but having trouble getting that plot off of it’s butt? Well, come to where no writer has gone before, where writer’s block doesn’t exist, but instead the next Star Trek.

Saturday, 10:30pm – 11:30pm | Rm. 20

Enjoy the thrilling world of action, fantasy and sci/fi fiction as it comes alive by the authors who craft them. Meet, greet and hear them read from their own works of art as you are drawn into their world of storytelling. Join them for a lecture on writing and crafting novels along with a reading from their latest books.


Sunday, 10:00am – 11:00am | Rm. 5

Every popular science fiction or fantasy writer of novels, comics, or any other medium started out as an “aspiring” author. A panel of pro SF and fantasy writers will discuss the art and science of writing and will give advice to move you from “aspiring writer” to “writer.” Q&A to follow.

Click HERE for info and tickets.

Toch Island Chronicles: Book 3 Cover Reveal

If you follow me on Facebook, you got a sneaky-peek of the cover for Legacy Rewound yesterday. I was home sick in bed when my proof copy arrived, and I just couldn’t wait to share, but I wasn’t up to doing it properly. Here’s the image I posted:


My photo doesn’t quite do it justice, though. Yes, the real-life cover is a bit darker than the original jpeg, but it’s so, so lovely.

Here is what the original file looks like, front and back:


Just a few more days and it’ll be live and ready for purchase! Just waiting for Amazon to sync the pages, then I can share the link!

Join Me at Uncommon Universes

UUP banner

This Friday I’ll be joining Uncommon Universes Press for their World-Building Launch Party. There will be prizes and trivia and fun videos. Come check it out!

Just click HERE to join the event. And while you’re there, scroll down to watch the video of me answering some questions about my writing, and then scroll a little farther for H.L. Burke‘s video as well. It’s just the beginning of the celebration!



Interviews, Interviews!

This week I’m featured on two different websites!

First, a print interview on Faith & Fantasy Alliance, in which I talk about my preparations for Realm Makers, my book collection, favorite characters, and general obsess–er, love of speculative fiction.

CLICK HERE to read the interview.

Second, a podcast interview on Lasers Dragons & Keyboards, in which we discuss my influences, favorite books, note cards, and sheep.

CLICK HERE to listen to Episodes 20&21.

And if that’s not enough for you…

You can still check out my guest post at Building Stories from the Inside Out, a post I apparently forgot to mention here at the time it came out. Hm. Must be all that editing* I’ve been doing that’s kept me from remembering things like this! Anyway, if you want a trip inside my head regarding some of the inspiration for the world-building of Toch Island…

CLICK HERE to read the post.